Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have been wearing false lashes for about 5 years now.
I was cursed with the typical Asian 'non-existing' lashes and have decided that I am taking things into my own hands.
Few years ago, for about a year on a weekly base I had a friend apply each individual false lashes .
Soon, though, that got too expensive, not to mention a bit too tedious where I had to 'schedule' my lashes on a weekly base.
So I went back to applying it when I want it on my own.

Below are styles I feel are most natural, flattering to my eye shape, glam, but not too much, as in I don't look like I'm 'on in 5.'

Everyone asks 'how do you get it on, it's so hard' and the answer is -- there's no secret, practice practice, PRACTICE.

You need to see what style works for you, how it compliments your eyes, which eye is easier to apply and how long they should be, etc.
A good glue is a must, too.
I use DUO glue in the dark color, where it goes on gray and dries black.

On any given day I probably own no less then 40~50 pairs, because it has become my 'glam security' and I feel better with it on and never want to run out.
It's a Linus' blanket for me.

I purchase my Red Cherry Lashes through eBay and my Revlon lashes through madamemadeline.

Red Cherry False Eyelashes #503

Red Cherry #46

Red Cherry #99

Revlon Beyond Natural in 'Defining'


  1. I always want tips on how to put them on...but alas, you are right... PRACTICE! haha Great post :)