Wednesday, April 14, 2010

L Furst

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Last time I was visiting my friend in L.A. I had a chance to walk around Westwood Village.

As I walked around near the campus of UCLA, a small blink-and-you-would-miss-it size boutique caught my eyes with a huge sale sign.

Inside, literally from floor to ceiling, I found some great pieces that you would love if you are not into those mass merchandised items and look for unique original style.

The store was probably no bigger than 12x12, though I spent about an hour scouring through the racks and shelves they had and walked out with soft modal asymmetrical knee length skirt, chocolate brown tiered linen skirt, purple leopard print scarf, and a multi colored plaid scarf.

The grand total cost for the four pieces? $60.
That is including the asymmetrical layered skirt by L Furst, mind you, that can be worn ALL year with tights, with boots, with 4 inch heels and ballet flats.

The LF skirt's original price? $102.
Talk about a killer deal!

Unfortunately the price was a result of a going out of business sale.

I couldn't be more sad to hear that I probably wouldn't be able to score a deal nearly great as this one I just did in the future, but lucky for me, there are several locations of the LF boutique stores in the L.A. area.


  1. I absolutely love your blog! Next time you're in Westwood check out Kaitlyn Clothing--I love their clothes! I look forward to more blog posts! Since you post about Malibu and Westwood it's pretty exciting since I'm in the LA area and commute to the places you mention. I soo have to try Crumbs in Malibu! Okie dokie, so glad to have found your blog! Keep in touch!

  2. Thank you for your comment April :) I am so happy you found my blog! I will check out Kaitlyn Clothing next time I am in Westwood!

  3. I love LF, and they have amazing sales! Congrats on a successful shopping trip ;)


  4. Thanks Kalin!
    Yea, this was a smaaaalllll store, they just carried a lot of their stuff. I need to make a trip out to one of their other locations next time :)

  5. i wish i had LF near me in nj... i'd probably have to go to nyc to get me some

  6. I love LF! What a great deal you got! I went to UCLA and my husband works at UCLA Medical Center, so Westwood holds a special place in my heart. Great blog!


  7. I work at UCLA! I wonder which store is closing...maybe it's already closed. I've been so busy at work that I haven't had a chance to peruse Westwood lately.

  8. Thanks for all the comments ladies :) @jilliandanica -- this was back in February, so I'm assuming it's gone. It was a tiiiinnny store, and I was blown away by what they had! The linen skirt I bought along with the LF skirt was also like $126 and I got it for like, $15!