Sunday, December 23, 2012

Coffee Addict -- Part 2

I love Thai Iced Coffee, and have always wondered how I can make them myself.
Thanks to Google, a two minute research have made me aware that a mere $4.00 investment at a local Thai market would give me gallons of this sweet goodness.

Oliang powder is a blend of soy beans, corn, and coffee bean.
It runs about $3.00 at any Asian market for about a pound, and you also need a strainer, which I bought for 99 cents at the same place. 

You need about 2 TBSP of this Oliang powder per one serving (10 to 12 oz.) so you will be able to make A LOT of ice coffee with just one bag. 

Here is how you make this concoction:

Oliang Powder

Boiling Water

Strainer I bought at Thai market for 99 cents

Straining (do it three times)

Sweeten to your liking -- with sugar and condensed milk


Add creme and enjoy!
Note: once you empty the strainer of the used powder, wash with ONLY water, do not use soap.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Coffee Addict -- Part 1

Caffe Bello

I am a coffee lover, and I do love a good espresso.

Recently I found a fabulous little cafe in West Hollywood that serves the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life; and I've had coffee in many many places.

Caffe Bello is the name and I can not express how GOOD this coffee is.

I have gone in so many times, that when they see me come in, the baristas there smiles and asks if I want my 'usual.'

Caffe Bello -- inside

My "usual" -- two espresso shots with hazelnut syrup topped with cream

Afternoon coffee time

My other thing I have been doing recently is making my own Thai Ice Coffee at home to enjoy whenever I want to.

Tutorial will be coming up in my next post.

Caffe Bello address:

8719 Santa Monica Blvd
West HollywoodCA 90069

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sparkly feel

I am not too big on holidays.

Being in aviation, I have never been too concerned and most of the time, I was working on the actual holiday or the day before/after.

However, lately I have been very interested in the sparkly polishes and make up items that adds just a touch of festivity to your day.

MAC "Hundred Degrees" Illuminizer 

Essie Polish "Play Date" "Golden Nugget" "Set in Stones" "It's Genius"

Physician's Formula Highlighting Powder "Warm"

Glittery eyeliners

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush sparkly shadows to put in inner corner of your eyes

NARS "Night Clubbing" 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

From the Hills of Hollywood...

I have been quite consumed in my life this past calendar year, and I have put my blogs (my other blog is on the back burner.

One of the things I focused on while being absent (aside from working as well as taking some writing classes) was to look for a place of my own.

Since moving cross country a year and a half ago, my living situation changed 3 times -- mostly due to making hasty decisions on a whim.

First two places I lived in just didn't agree with me (and of course they were things you notice about 5 days after you move in) though I was very lucky to have been on month to month lease for both places; I was able to get out of the situation fairly quickly without penalty of any kind.

However, the third one was a year lease and I regretted it signing it the first week I moved in.

From that day forward, it was a drag.

Not having your own oasis to come home to can do a number on your mind, and your self esteem.
It is hard to live in a place that you just don't care about.
Getting out of a lease would have been expensive and since I was in a transitional phase with my career, I had to put the notion of having my own apartment on hold till my lease ran out.

Finally, starting in the fall, I started to do my research.

Looking around, there were few things I had in mind.
Since L.A. is so big, when looking for a place you have to have in mind exactly where you want to be, otherwise you would be looking forever -- options are limitless.
Do you want to be by the beach? Or up in the hills? Budget?
For me, having an awesome pet sitter who only can go so far for her service limited my options in a good way.

Since I have two very active boy kitties, I wanted to have enough space for them to play around.

After looking for few one bedrooms, I inquired about a studio that was available in Hollywood Hills.


Even though it is a studio, it is a very sizable place. Pricing, parking situation (covered and gated), location, all was there.

Not everything is finished as there are few pieces I wanted to purchase, but just a snippet of my new gorgeous sanctuary.

Beautiful view from my balcony


Just a sneak peek

Bar stool at the kitchen counter

Froggie in the shower

My jewelry display

My Barbie Art