Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Great Divide

Walls around your heart
I wanna get in
I wanna know you

You’re scared to lose it all
I know who you’ve been
But I’ll take a chance on you

You fight the light
You push it away
You’re gone with the wind at the end of the day
But where are you going?

You play it safe
So there’s nothing to win

I wanna come closer but you won’t let me in
I wanna go where you’re going

Pull me in tonight and stay forever
I wanna know the secrets of your heart

Let’s begin tonight
It’s now or never

Love won’t happen til you try to cross 
the Great Divide

I have shared many different lyrics from some of my favorite songs that resonates with my life/heart/thoughts in the past. 
This song, by Velvetine, was inspired by the award winning songwriter Thomas Newman from his original score for the movie "Revolutionary Road" and Newman is listed as one of the writers for this tune.
Classic piano juxtaposed with the trance melody creates new sound and harmony that is on another level.
The lyrics, the term "the Great Divide," everything about this song inspires me.
Is the "Divide" a challenge or a fear in your own life?
Is this about a new love?
It can be anything....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kicking As*

Recently, I have come to a realization that I can not keep eating a pint of coconut ice cream five nights a week, and need to incorporate a little bit more vegetables in my diet, as a cup of tomato soup really doesn't count.

I researched for something I can do frequently that is close by and fun.
I am lazy so I knew that I needed an instructor, and I can't be driving for an hour in traffic because that alone would discourage me to keep going. Also, many places I have tried (Pilates, barre method type of gym, etc.) offer a beginner's rate for the first month, but then it is expensive to continue on further.
I like to take private session for Pilates and they can be anywhere between $85 and $125 a session.

My answer = all women's kickboxing gym that is 10 minutes away, that has a 10 class/$100 package at all times, and the owner always has a sale -- all with an excellent review on Yelp.

The first class is free, so that was perfect for me to try it out.

The past couple of weeks, I can honestly say I have had the most fun working out. 

I actually look forward to going there, I put my workout clothes out the night before like a kid. 


Kickboxing is.....stress relieving, fun, whole body workout and I love that I am not trying to compete with anyone for attention of the instructor, as the class consists of about 15 ladies, and we often work in smaller groups.
We jumprope, do a lot of cardio, which I wanted, and then we box for about half the time we're there.
I have continued my Bikram Yoga, but I wanted to do something different, and now this is a perfect addition to my physical activity.

As a result of the workout I have been doing, I am drinking about 3 to 4 liters of water everyday (about 100 to 135 oz.), and after my workout I stop at an organic juice place that shares the parking lot with the gym, and have been drinking their "green juice." Talk about detox!


Another great thing -- I have been a night owl all my life, staying up till the wee hours, and this changed my daily routine as well. 
The class starts at 9:30 in the morning, so I get up an hour before at 8:30, make my protein smoothie, clean my place then I head out. 

I am sore everyday, but I am so happy that I have finally found my gym!!