Monday, December 19, 2011

Loft Party

The staircase that leads to the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Penthouse Loft

Perhaps because a lot of my Holiday season is spent on the road, I can not recall any particular party during this time of the year that was so memorable.

I have done my share of the office party (not my office, obviously) and what not but this party I tagged along with my friend, was at a beautiful loft in a historic building in Downtown L.A.

Just a few pictures to share.

The food was catered by the local Mexican restaurant

Look at all the leftovers! And their beautiful kitchen!

This was taken on their rooftop deck

The bathroom looks like you're in a hotel

Down Town L.A.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Excitement for '12

I have not posted here in a while, I had been busy getting some things in my personal life situated.

For one, I am moving again -- yes.

Since the loss of my cat last month, I realized how much I missed having a cat around in my life.
I have always volunteered since I moved out West but it's just not the same.

I also felt that for the price I am paying, that I wanted more of 'my' space -- and if I couldn't do that at least I wanted to reduce the rent a little bit.

I knew that I couldn't afford a place on my own, so I wanted a roommate, and a flight attendant roomie would have been ideal.

Since personal space and time is very important to me and with what I do, preparation for the flight and decompression after the flight is so valuable, that I selfishly thought "hey a flight attendant roommate would be awesome!" -- meaning that her and I both will have a lot of time and space for ourselves since we will be gone for a period of time on a regular base.

I found a perfect person as my roommate, and we looked for a place together.

Since she is also a corporate FA and more experienced than I am, I have TONS of things I can learn from her, and I am really looking forward to that.

The new place has a balcony, hardwood floors, entertainer's kitchen, floor to ceiling window, and big rooms, and is modern built with brand new blinds, plus covered parking - all for $300 less than what I was paying (for my portion).

I will have the pictures up as soon as I move in next month!

Now I am able to adopt the 2 cats I have been stalking at my volunteer organization.
I have already turned in my application, and I am excited for the new year already.
I have names picked out for them too.

New place, new kitties, new roomies..... less rent, and a cool kitchen to bake even more.

I am filled with excitement for the New Year.

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