Friday, January 18, 2013

50 things about me - revised and updated -

1) My biggest pet peeves: whistling, answering text with "K" and misuse of the words "your," you're," "they're," "there," and "their"

2) I hate flakey people

3) One word to describe myself - without a doubt -- loyal. I will go to the end of the earth for someone I care about.

4) Fave color - purple, fave flower, Iris

5) Fave quote - "You are exactly where you are, doing exactly what you should be doing" ~ author unknown

6) Second fave quote - "It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen" ~ Frances Hodgson Burnett

7) is my new addiction and my favorite website is


Marshmallow (a.k.a. Maro)

8) My kitties Marshmallow (a.k.a. Maro) and Charlie are my life

9) I love baking, and I love gifting them - I have a whole basket of ribbons, bags and boxes to decorate my creations with when giving them to people

10) Espresso and red wine are both necessities in my life

11) I love Bikram Yoga

12) I am a homebody, perfectly happy being home.

13) Comedy is very important in my life. I am always looking for new up and coming comedian and checking out new comedy acts.
Sense of humor is so subtle and complex.
I have had my darkest days be brightened by humor/comedy and am always mesmerized by it. 

14) I LOVE baseball. I made a plate of chicken wings for myself to enjoy while watching the playoffs 2 years ago. I was a frat boy in my previous life

15) My biggest accomplishment thus far - getting over the hurdles life has given me without holding grudges and not being bitter

16) My goal as a flight attendant -- to be the name that everyone is glad to see

pic courtesy of Victoria's Secret

17) Customer service is a subtle mixture of care, timing, reading your clients' needs a step ahead and artful display, and not everyone can do it, or do it well.

18) If I wasn't in aviation, I would like to work with animals full time.

19) I love writing, I take classes online at UCLA and it is my oasis, my outlet. I feel better when I am creative. (I also blog on

20) I am not a make up junky but have collected a healthy amount of make up items and my fave brands are Tarte, Urban Decay and NARS.

21) I am a gloss-a-holic, I never wear lipstick, just lip glosses.

22) When I am alone in my hotel room or my place, I listen to music on my iShuffle and dance around :)

23) I make my own Thai iced coffee at home so I can have a gallon of it in one sitting if I wanted to!

24) I would like to buy three things if I save enough money -- a Dyson vacuum, a stand alone Kitchen Aid mixer in raspberry color, and a new laptop (Mac Air) -- all in one day!

25) I love vintage Barbie, Hello Kitty and pink/purple/lavender -- a theme for my phone, iPad cover, etc.

26) I am a ghetto girl at heart when it comes to food. I love chicken. Fried chicken. Also, buffalo wings. 

27) My fave cuisine though, is Korean and Italian, but I am also an pho addict.

28) I love acoustic guitar music - I think it is so romantic

29) I love buying cards with inspirational quotes and framing them

30) I love the cold, anything over 70 and I whittle like a lettuce

31) I eat banana and avocado every day and drink coconut water

32) My favorite body part - my smile

33) I am very picky about flats -- there is a difference between "good" flats and not so great ones. My go-to is Tory Burch, "Eddie" I have 6 pairs.

34) I don't really like wearing high heels - but will so for special occasion, and if I know I can sit down soon

35) All of my friends I have I can consider to be BEST friends and have known them for at least 10 years. I only make friends with people I trust and can be in my life fully and ones I respect. It's all or nothing for me. 

36) I actually love writing cards still and do so for my grandma once a month.

37) I have volunteered with animals for over 6 years

38) My personal anthem: Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire"

39) My parents are my rock 

40) Being in private aviation has humbled me in ways I never thought it would. Going in I thought it may turn me in to a snob, but it actually worked out the other way -- and I am glad

41) Biggest compliment for me would be "you are a warm person" 

42) I can only wear accessories on my left hand/wrist

43) I only use one kind of pen -- Pilot G-2 in 10 or 0.7 
always have one (or five) in my purse!

44) I have had some of my writings published by some high profile blogs and websites (under a pen name) and have had good reviews. One comment I received was that I should write a novel. I could not have been more proud.

45) I don't understand anything about football...nor do I really care

46) I have the worst eye sight, the worst hearing ( I watch TV with captions) -- however my sense of smell will beat any K-9.

47) I think Victoria's Secret should have an Asian Angel :)

48) For someone who has never lifted her finger to do anything more complicated than sending a fax, this past year when I set up my scanner/printer/copier/FAX and built my own IKEA furniture, I felt like I have moved up a level in being independent

49) I am afraid of heights and am claustrophobic

50) In the past few years I have learned to let go of what I can not control and let things fall where it will and have trust in life.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chasing the Sun

When the sun doesn’t shine
On the path that you are on
And you're walking in the shadow of your soul
There are many words you want to say
But silence it surrounds you
Every time I close my eyes
I see your face
I’m chasing the sun until I run out of time
Cause here in the dark the light that you shine
Is making me blind
Keep chasing the sun until I run out of this life
Let love surround you
Let love surround me
Now time stands still
Every time I close my eyes
My memories will not fade
Will not fade to grey
As I lose my consciousness I feel release
Letting go of all the fears that haunted me
Time is frozen through divine intervention
As I close my eyes I’m sinking into bliss
I’m chasing the sun until I run out of time
Cause here in the dark the light that you shine
Is making me blind
Keep chasing the sun until I run out of this life
Let love surround you
Let love surround me

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