Friday, January 18, 2013

50 things about me - revised and updated -

1) My biggest pet peeves: whistling, answering text with "K" and misuse of the words "your," you're," "they're," "there," and "their"

2) I hate flakey people

3) One word to describe myself - without a doubt -- loyal. I will go to the end of the earth for someone I care about.

4) Fave color - purple, fave flower, Iris

5) Fave quote - "You are exactly where you are, doing exactly what you should be doing" ~ author unknown

6) Second fave quote - "It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen" ~ Frances Hodgson Burnett

7) is my new addiction and my favorite website is


Marshmallow (a.k.a. Maro)

8) My kitties Marshmallow (a.k.a. Maro) and Charlie are my life

9) I love baking, and I love gifting them - I have a whole basket of ribbons, bags and boxes to decorate my creations with when giving them to people

10) Espresso and red wine are both necessities in my life

11) I love Bikram Yoga

12) I am a homebody, perfectly happy being home.

13) Comedy is very important in my life. I am always looking for new up and coming comedian and checking out new comedy acts.
Sense of humor is so subtle and complex.
I have had my darkest days be brightened by humor/comedy and am always mesmerized by it. 

14) I LOVE baseball. I made a plate of chicken wings for myself to enjoy while watching the playoffs 2 years ago. I was a frat boy in my previous life

15) My biggest accomplishment thus far - getting over the hurdles life has given me without holding grudges and not being bitter

16) My goal as a flight attendant -- to be the name that everyone is glad to see

pic courtesy of Victoria's Secret

17) Customer service is a subtle mixture of care, timing, reading your clients' needs a step ahead and artful display, and not everyone can do it, or do it well.

18) If I wasn't in aviation, I would like to work with animals full time.

19) I love writing, I take classes online at UCLA and it is my oasis, my outlet. I feel better when I am creative. (I also blog on

20) I am not a make up junky but have collected a healthy amount of make up items and my fave brands are Tarte, Urban Decay and NARS.

21) I am a gloss-a-holic, I never wear lipstick, just lip glosses.

22) When I am alone in my hotel room or my place, I listen to music on my iShuffle and dance around :)

23) I make my own Thai iced coffee at home so I can have a gallon of it in one sitting if I wanted to!

24) I would like to buy three things if I save enough money -- a Dyson vacuum, a stand alone Kitchen Aid mixer in raspberry color, and a new laptop (Mac Air) -- all in one day!

25) I love vintage Barbie, Hello Kitty and pink/purple/lavender -- a theme for my phone, iPad cover, etc.

26) I am a ghetto girl at heart when it comes to food. I love chicken. Fried chicken. Also, buffalo wings. 

27) My fave cuisine though, is Korean and Italian, but I am also an pho addict.

28) I love acoustic guitar music - I think it is so romantic

29) I love buying cards with inspirational quotes and framing them

30) I love the cold, anything over 70 and I whittle like a lettuce

31) I eat banana and avocado every day and drink coconut water

32) My favorite body part - my smile

33) I am very picky about flats -- there is a difference between "good" flats and not so great ones. My go-to is Tory Burch, "Eddie" I have 6 pairs.

34) I don't really like wearing high heels - but will so for special occasion, and if I know I can sit down soon

35) All of my friends I have I can consider to be BEST friends and have known them for at least 10 years. I only make friends with people I trust and can be in my life fully and ones I respect. It's all or nothing for me. 

36) I actually love writing cards still and do so for my grandma once a month.

37) I have volunteered with animals for over 6 years

38) My personal anthem: Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire"

39) My parents are my rock 

40) Being in private aviation has humbled me in ways I never thought it would. Going in I thought it may turn me in to a snob, but it actually worked out the other way -- and I am glad

41) Biggest compliment for me would be "you are a warm person" 

42) I can only wear accessories on my left hand/wrist

43) I only use one kind of pen -- Pilot G-2 in 10 or 0.7 
always have one (or five) in my purse!

44) I have had some of my writings published by some high profile blogs and websites (under a pen name) and have had good reviews. One comment I received was that I should write a novel. I could not have been more proud.

45) I don't understand anything about football...nor do I really care

46) I have the worst eye sight, the worst hearing ( I watch TV with captions) -- however my sense of smell will beat any K-9.

47) I think Victoria's Secret should have an Asian Angel :)

48) For someone who has never lifted her finger to do anything more complicated than sending a fax, this past year when I set up my scanner/printer/copier/FAX and built my own IKEA furniture, I felt like I have moved up a level in being independent

49) I am afraid of heights and am claustrophobic

50) In the past few years I have learned to let go of what I can not control and let things fall where it will and have trust in life.

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