Sunday, March 20, 2011

Few months ago I received a very pleasant email from Megan at inquiring if I would be at all interested in a banner and or a poster.

I have volunteered with PACT for over three years, and I knew that an eye catching sign would result in more possible adopters during our adoption hours.

Through some email exchanges and discussion with my volunteer director and another volunteer, we came up with a colorful and fun sign that adorns the walls within our adoption center and the area right outside so people will know exactly who we are.

One of our cats, having a little something to drink...

Thank you so much to Megan and, I appreciate your generosity, patience and the beautiful sign!!

Please visit their site if you have any needs for awesome posters, banners, sandwich board, basically anything to do with signs!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pray for Japan

This past week, my dear home country was brought to its knees.

Please pray and donate to the people who has shown much respect to one another during what is most likely the hardest and the saddest time of their lives.

My heart breaks for every single person that has been affected by this disaster.

My mother will be flying to Japan next week to check on my grandmother (who is in Tokyo, and is doing fine at this point) and I pray for her safe return, as well as my other relatives who live within the 30KM radius of the nuclear plant that is being closely watched as we speak.

Please donate:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello from Nagoya, Japan

Eerily quiet Narita airport, with moving walkway blocked off

Despite my family's worries and plead to come home, in midst of the earthquake chaos, I trudged along and finally made it to Nagoya, Japan.

My flight from Chicago to Japan's Narita airport was diverted to Anchorage, Alaska, and we were grounded for a whole day.

Through sadness and the unknown, I have made some new friends, and was touched by the generosity of the strangers I came across during the time, and the trip ended up being a very pleasant experience.

I am now in Nagoya, Japan, about 175 miles southwest of Tokyo.

Platform for Narita Express - train schedule is back to normal, going south

I'm alive and well

Peaceful and quiet suburb in Chiba Prefecture

Bullet Train "Nozomi"

Mt. Fuji

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One week

This past Monday was my one week mark since I moved to L.A.

I needed to head out to the airport to take care of work issue, and also still needed to get some things for my room.
I made a little shopping trip to Sur la Table, near the beach.

I purchased an eggplant colored baking dish to use as my jewelry holder

I stopped at Clementine on the way out to grab lunch to eat by the ocean once I finished all my errands.

Roast beef/arugula/horseradish mustard sandwich

Adorable sticker keeps the sandwich enclosed