Sunday, March 20, 2011

Few months ago I received a very pleasant email from Megan at inquiring if I would be at all interested in a banner and or a poster.

I have volunteered with PACT for over three years, and I knew that an eye catching sign would result in more possible adopters during our adoption hours.

Through some email exchanges and discussion with my volunteer director and another volunteer, we came up with a colorful and fun sign that adorns the walls within our adoption center and the area right outside so people will know exactly who we are.

One of our cats, having a little something to drink...

Thank you so much to Megan and, I appreciate your generosity, patience and the beautiful sign!!

Please visit their site if you have any needs for awesome posters, banners, sandwich board, basically anything to do with signs!

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  1. I've used buildasign for a welcome home one for my hubby when he came home last deployment!!