Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 ---> 2011

Looking back at this year there's a lot I have done and accomplished as well as NOT done, and will have to be either finished or dealt with next year.

Here is a list of my personal goals to guide me into the New Year!

1) Keeping up with my workout routine --

This year, I vowed to stay physical.
And I did.
Every week, if not Pilates, I did Yoga, and recently I started Bikram Yoga. I kept up with it sometimes just once a week, sometimes three times. If I couldn't get to a studio, I simply jump roped outside.
I will stay on top of this and some more. I want to try the 30 day challenge with my Bikram Yoga, as well as try the advanced class with 84 poses (normal level is 26 poses).

2) Relocating

I have been talking about moving back West for over 10 years, and I'm sure people who have known me that long are pretty tired of it.
I think this is the year to do so, and though there are few complications as far as my job is concerned (I love flying out of Chicago, and I don't want to transfer bases) I think I will ultimately be happy back in La la Land.

3) Developing my inner writer

Though I was fortunate enough to find some blogs that liked my writing, and published them, I have been meaning to take courses to strengthen my skills.

4) Visiting more countries

This may come as a surprise to many of you as my job is about going to places -- however per my language skill, I usually do the routes to Asia Internationally or LA when flying domestically (obviously language is not relevant in that case) thus creating a 'pattern' in my flying.
I am going to try to work a few different flights and 'get out of my shell' in that sense and enjoy my job a little bit more.

5) Coaching

I have wanted to be a Life Coach for a while now.
Actually, to be more precise, I didn't know that what I wanted to do was Coaching, or that it existed.
Life Coaching is a fairly new career path and it agrees with my philosophy when it comes to helping others in self growth.
I will be taking courses online and though it may take me a while to finish (flying, a writing course, AND Coaching course!) I am determined to get eventually certified and making it my second career in the long run.

What are your goals and aspirations for the New Year?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Double Holiday

My Santa hat

I had a last minute flight assignment to Japan on the 23rd, returning on the 25th -- meaning I would technically have two Christmases, due to time change.

The Christmas morning I spent in Narita, Japan was peaceful and sunny.
I drank green tea, took a long bath in the deep bathtub, watched the airplanes on its final approach into the airport from my hotel window, and read Japanese fashion magazines while eating some sushi.

Green tea

Aircraft on its final approach into Narita Airport

Japanese magazines

View from my window

Once back in the States, I enjoyed a Christmas dinner with my family.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Night

Walk through the light
I’m already there
I’ll heal your heart in here

And through this night
We’ll open each door
And face a thousand fears

And all this aching will disappear
When this night is done
And when you speak
It’s the only voice I will hear
You are the one

And all this aching will disappear
When this night is done
And when you speak
It’s the only voice I will hear
You are the one

And all this aching will disappear
When this night is done
And when you speak
It’s the only voice I will hear
You are the one

Don’t close your eyes
And don’t turn away
Those thoughts can’t reach in here

These ties that bind us
Strengthening still
The lines we’ve drawn are clear

And all this aching will disappear
When this night is done
And when you speak
It’s the only voice I will hear
You are the one

(Lyrics by Filo & Peri, remix by Max Graham)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How old are you?

I am not a poster child when it comes to anti-aging regimen.
I tan, have the oddest work schedule, eat junk food (mostly when I'm on the road) and don't always wear sunscreen.

However, genetics aside, I've managed to stay looking younger than my age, and I have been inquired more than once how I do it. (Latest -- I was asked by a Sephora employee when she was matching my mineral foundation -- if school is out yet. I'm in my 30's.)

I don't have anything I do religiously but here are some things that have popped up in my mind as to 'why' I may look years younger than what my passport may reveal.

1) Honey

Recently, I started using honey as my face wash. Yes, face wash. I mix it with a little bit of baking soda if I want a little bit of exfoliation, and if not, I simply mix it with my face wash. It washes off clean, not sticky, and it has cleared up my face tremendously. I also drink about a tablespoon with my tea everyday.

2) Red Wine

I am a HUGE fan of red wine, and I am thankful for Trader Joe's great selection whenever I shop there.
It is my go-to drink at any occasion.
Also, it is not a secret that it contains anti-oxidant as well as its anti-aging factor.

3) Sleep

My work schedule is not consistent, however, when I am able to, I sleep A LOT.
I am not shy about it at all, and nap during the day if my body feels like it.

4) Laughing

I LOVE comedy.
I am always looking for a good comedian, checking out funny books, and respect people in the comedy genre (writers, performers, etc.) Making people laugh is not an easy task!!
Laughing is so stimulating to the mind and body, the more you laugh, the better for your body.
I always look for the 'funny/positive' side of things, and that may contribute to my 'youth.'

5) Yoga (Bikram)

Though a newbie, I am already seeing and feeling the result of Bikram Yoga.
Sweating is good for the rejuvenation and the repair of the body (the room you practice in is kept at 105 fahrenheit) and the moisture (40%) in the room is always refreshing to sit in for the duration of the class (90 minutes).
The 'goal' of finishing the class is a small yet positive incentive within the daily life, and drinking about 2 liters of water probably has something to do with the health benefit as well.

6) My work

This has more to do with my mental state.
Yes, it can get crazy and frustrating dealing with the public.
However, I see it as a good challenge.
You meet different types of people, and you always come away learning something. Positive or negative, I feel as though if I were to sit in an office on a daily base, I would never see nor would I ever get to experience some of the things I see/do while away on a plane.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

50 things about me

My dear friend tagged me in FB for 30 things -- and I just added a few more.

1. I love espresso over ice with cinnamon dulce syrup- drink it basically everyday at Starbucks, or with half a scoop of hazelnut powder from Coffee Bean

2. I can quote most things from SATC, Seinfeld, RENO911 and Friends. I also own every episode of Family Guy and American Dad.

3. If nothing else, a guy must have a sense of humor and ambition - that's all you need in life!

4. I like studying astrology -- it's endless and informative, and pretty impressive what it can teach you

5. My love for cats can be defined as borderline fanatic, disturbing, abnormal.

6. Self-righteous people - FAIL

7. I love writing - recently I have contributed some work to different blogs and have gotten very positive reactions (EDIT: currently aside from my own blog, I guest blog on

8. For the first time in my life -- I feel most comfortable in my own skin.

9. I love Bikram Yoga. LOVE. IT. I also am a huge fan of Vinyasa flow yoga.

10. People call me 'princess' all the time but I am uncomfortable with high end things! Where do they get the idea???

11. Even if I had a million $ I will probably drive my beloved 2008 Honda Civic!

12. My favorite colors are fuchsia/rose, purple and taupe

13. I am definitely a girly girl yet love sports/ESPN and watch Baseball Tonight during baseball season

14. My favorite flower is Iris (that gorgeous color!!)

15. I am a false eyelash FANATIC - I own at least 50 pairs at any given time and my fave brand of make up is NARS

16. "Tommy Boy" "Dumb and Dumber" and all of the JackAss movies are my favorite

17. I am a homebody, can stay home and be just content

18. I am planning to move to L.A.(EDIT June 2011 - and I did!!)

19. I love vintage Barbie - but am too cheap to collect the actual dolls, so I settle for calendars and artworks and such

20. I love acoustic guitar music

21. I am empathetic. I can literally 'feel' how others are feeling. Sometimes it's draining.

22. If I had one word to describe myself- it would be 'loyal.' I will fight for you no matter what. Also, I don't get jealous, or lonely. I get bored, sometimes.

23. It's hard to live in a country that has such low standard in customer service. I think it is like a rare art form when you encounter that person or a business that has it down.

24. I used to play piano as a kid. Couldn't read the music though, so I REMEMBERED everything when we had to play in concerts. My memory, to this day, is creepy awesome. I try not to scare people.

25. I hate getting my pictures taken (hence lack of 'fashion/what I wore' type of picture/post)

26. I don't get into the Holidays much, it seems like an endless process that you have to do all over again

27. I can eat avocado, sweet potato and watermelon everyday of the year

28. Red wine is like an oxygen in my life -- NECESSARY

29. Man should not be a coward -- and by that I don't need him to go skydiving or swim with the sharks. I want him to own up to his mistakes, does and mean what he says.

30. I think athletes should drink coconut water (mango flavor is the best) instead of Gatorade

31. I pride myself in looking *decent* without make up - still! (just my opinion, hehe)

32. I am nearly blind without my glasses or contact lenses. BLIND. I'm also near deaf as I watch TV with captions on. It's those airplane engines!

33. My dream job - General Manager at Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills (related to #23)

34. I am a recovering shopping addict (seriously!!)

35. I have volunteered with a human society for 5 years, and continue to do what I can for my beloved feline friends

36. I pay attention to how a guy deals with bad situation and how he has dealt with his past relationships -- it's like a resume of life that says A LOT

37. I believe in signs :)

38. I still love and purchase items with Disney Princess/Fairy designs

39. Comedy is VERY important to me, and I respect comedians. I honestly think key to happy life is a sense of humor.

40. I am always open to learning, and am thankful anyone wants to teach me anything

41. I want to be certified as a Life Coach - I like the approach they take rather than therapists and psychiatrists

42. I love Trance Music -- fave DJ: Armin van Buuren, ABT, Dale Corderoy, Max Graham

43. I don't eat a whole lot in one sitting but once I polished off a Porterhouse (with sides), two bottles of wine, plus salad, appetizer and dessert in one sitting. No joke.

44. I would like to consider myself a Buffalo Wing, and chocolate shake connoisseur

45. I started taking Ambien this year after flying red eyes continuously for about 2+ years. I never knew how funny the whole thing can be. VERY trippy.

46. I don't like people who 'announces" their plans ("I'm going to totally do this and that") - unless they are already in the works, do it, don't say it

47. I respect women who chooses to live the road less traveled, takes a more difficult path, does the right thing, even if it is the uncomfortable/scary choice -- My hero is Elizabeth Edwards

48. Although I may not say it a lot, I think my family (immediate and extended) is pretty terrific

49. I believe that outside beauty can be taken away in an instant. I strive everyday to create the beauty within. Cliche, yes, but so true.

50. Manhattan Beach, California (where I used to live) is my home for my heart <3
(I took the picture of the Pier with my phone!)