Saturday, December 25, 2010

Double Holiday

My Santa hat

I had a last minute flight assignment to Japan on the 23rd, returning on the 25th -- meaning I would technically have two Christmases, due to time change.

The Christmas morning I spent in Narita, Japan was peaceful and sunny.
I drank green tea, took a long bath in the deep bathtub, watched the airplanes on its final approach into the airport from my hotel window, and read Japanese fashion magazines while eating some sushi.

Green tea

Aircraft on its final approach into Narita Airport

Japanese magazines

View from my window

Once back in the States, I enjoyed a Christmas dinner with my family.


  1. Love japanese magazines, Happy holidays

  2. wish you a happy new year just found your blog on blogher. is it hard being in a relationship due to your job? i used to fantasize about being a flight attendant but didn't have the guts

  3. Hi Anita, thanks for your comment :) Happy New Year to you too! I am actually dating someone in LA right now, hence some of my posts are about Los Angeles.
    It is not an ideal situation, but hey, life isn't always the way you plan it, right? :)