Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer haul

I have been extremely busy for the past couple months and have not had much chance to shop.

Ever since I saw a post regarding Greek Sandals in one of my favorite blog, I have been thinking about that neutral yet beautiful leather sandal that looks and feel better as time goes by.

It was one of my first purchases I made on the island.

Greek sandal

I love natural stone jewelry and am always looking at them on -- I think it can be dressed up and down, and are surprisingly neutral, and goes well with many different outfit choice.
When I saw this stone bracelet I immediately fell in love with the color.

The little blue eye on the turquoise bracelet is an Evil eye.
It is a good luck charm that is extremely popular in the Mediterranean culture and I was looking for a piece that included one but didn't look too much.
This turquoise bracelet was a perfect since I wanted a turquoise piece as well, and the 'eye' is dainty enough you won't even notice.

The wooden tray in the shape of a tear drop is made of pure olive tree, and again like the sandals, gets better with age.
The lady who owns the store told me to rub a little bit of olive oil in, and buff it if it starts to look a bit dry.

Stone bracelet and turquoise jewelry with an evil eye

Oversized dyed scarves in different shades of purple -- my favorite color 

Perfect white summer top that I can wear at home in Los Angeles.
Looks like something I can find at a store by Free People - but for about 1/3 of the price.

Gauze-y top I have been eyeing since my arrival in Greece

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mykonos Blue

I have truly hit career jackpot in May, when I was hired on as a full time FA on an account I did some work for previously.
This means I will now have benefits and be on a salary -- a situation I have coveted for 2 years.

The account is a private owner flying with two owners (they are related) and I take care of two airplanes they share.
It is a lot of work, since restocking and taking care of two large cabin planes means I am basically the 'mother hen' for two families -- you have to think about every aspect of the flight.

The summer and the holiday season are when they go on their long vacation, and here I am accompanying them, in a place I probably will never have a chance to be on my own -- Mykonos, Greece.

Small church by the water -
this picture is EXACTLY what I imagine when I hear the word "Mykonos"

Morning cappuccino by the water

Most photographed in Mykonos, making his daily appearance by the water

Nighttime by the water
Symbolic white buildings I have seen only in pictures 
Clear water

Lunch by the water