Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mykonos Blue

I have truly hit career jackpot in May, when I was hired on as a full time FA on an account I did some work for previously.
This means I will now have benefits and be on a salary -- a situation I have coveted for 2 years.

The account is a private owner flying with two owners (they are related) and I take care of two airplanes they share.
It is a lot of work, since restocking and taking care of two large cabin planes means I am basically the 'mother hen' for two families -- you have to think about every aspect of the flight.

The summer and the holiday season are when they go on their long vacation, and here I am accompanying them, in a place I probably will never have a chance to be on my own -- Mykonos, Greece.

Small church by the water -
this picture is EXACTLY what I imagine when I hear the word "Mykonos"

Morning cappuccino by the water

Most photographed in Mykonos, making his daily appearance by the water

Nighttime by the water
Symbolic white buildings I have seen only in pictures 
Clear water

Lunch by the water

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  1. Damn it looks awesome there in Mykonos! Congrats on the job