Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Great Divide

Walls around your heart
I wanna get in
I wanna know you

You’re scared to lose it all
I know who you’ve been
But I’ll take a chance on you

You fight the light
You push it away
You’re gone with the wind at the end of the day
But where are you going?

You play it safe
So there’s nothing to win

I wanna come closer but you won’t let me in
I wanna go where you’re going

Pull me in tonight and stay forever
I wanna know the secrets of your heart

Let’s begin tonight
It’s now or never

Love won’t happen til you try to cross 
the Great Divide

I have shared many different lyrics from some of my favorite songs that resonates with my life/heart/thoughts in the past. 
This song, by Velvetine, was inspired by the award winning songwriter Thomas Newman from his original score for the movie "Revolutionary Road" and Newman is listed as one of the writers for this tune.
Classic piano juxtaposed with the trance melody creates new sound and harmony that is on another level.
The lyrics, the term "the Great Divide," everything about this song inspires me.
Is the "Divide" a challenge or a fear in your own life?
Is this about a new love?
It can be anything....

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