Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just enough

Black OTK socks

In Los Angeles winter actually creates a dilemma for me. I have to be covered up enough to not be chilly, yet I have to look somewhat stylish without looking like I am going on an expedition to the North Pole.

Growing up in Chicago I'm used to dressing for pure survival rather than fashion.

Over the knee socks has been my choice of 'cover up' this past few weeks.

HUE OTK boot liner

I wore one with a banded mini skirt and a sparkly tank, a body chain and a boyfriend jacket to dinner at Morton's in Beverly Hills.

It was a perfect outfit that kept me warm but not too covered up.

The following has been added to my collection this fall.

F21 grey OTK

F21 Sheer Metallic OTK

Friday, November 26, 2010

Blue Gem

My blue hair accessories

I am in love with gem tones right now, specifically cobalt blue.

It is eye catching yet surprisingly neutral, and easy to coordinate with other colors, yet gives the outift an extra something.

Tank with lace trim

Whenever I shop, I can't help but look for that beautiful, deep blue.

Earlier this month I wore the blue bubble dress to Soho House for dinner with black tights and an open toe heels, sans any other accessory except a long gold necklace that I wrapped around my wrist as a bracelet.

Blue dress with bubble hem

The color itself was a statement enough, and I felt like a mermaid all night.

During the Black Friday *Online* Sale (I would never get up at 3am for a sale -- it's just not something I would do) I purchased this ruffle skirt that I am excited about adding to my wardrobe.

(photo from Express)

It will no doubt be considered for my dinner outfit during my next visit to L.A.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yoga time!

Recently I started Yoga -- and can not stop raving about the benefits.

I have avoided Yoga since I felt as if it has become just another 'trend,' and I was not going to jump on that bandwagon.

Couple of months ago I was going through a phase where I needed something to help me on a mental level to get me through some not so great situation.

I have read that Yoga is a great way to rid those negative energy and bring focus to something more light and positive -- and figured I can try it and see what the hype is all about.

My Pilates studio also offers Yoga, and with their introductory fee, I figured why not give it a try.

I was blown away.

I sweated so much, and muscles in areas that I never felt -- even after an intense one hour Pilates session -- was sore for three days.

After the second session, I was seeing results.

Not to mention being extremely flexible, I could never find anything that made me feel like I actually got a good stretch -- Yoga made me feel like a used up rubber band after the first session.

I have now tried the gruesome 90 minute Bikram Yoga (performed in a 105 degrees room) and am motivated more than ever.

I plan on being a Yogi for a long time - though there is so much to learn I am excited to have finally found something I am good at, and absolutely love!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DIY project (part 2)

My "blue' family collection - will probably hang it in the bathroom

My two favorite

I did a post not too long ago about my Barbie calendar, and turning them into a framed picture.

Since they came out so well (not to pat my own back, but it did!) I decided to share the finished products.

I have already bought the 2011 Robert Best calendar and it's hard for me to not tear them apart and keep going with my project.

I'd say this was a success.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Soho House

Staircase leading up to the bar/dining area...

During my last visit to L.A. I had the pleasure of dining at one of the most exclusive eatery in Hollywood.

Did you want a view to go with that drink, sir?

Months old Soho House in West Hollywood is so exclusive, it consists only 500 members, and no phone calls or cameras are allowed except for certain areas.
500 may sound like a lot but considering how many people are in the 'biz' it is not a big number.

It is a true safe haven for Who's Who of entertainment industry as nobody will disrupt their meal with a request for autographs and/or pictures.

Main dining room

These are stock photos courtesy of the Soho House website since as mentioned I can not take photos in the dining room.
I just wanted to share the beautiful experience I had there to my readers.