Friday, November 26, 2010

Blue Gem

My blue hair accessories

I am in love with gem tones right now, specifically cobalt blue.

It is eye catching yet surprisingly neutral, and easy to coordinate with other colors, yet gives the outift an extra something.

Tank with lace trim

Whenever I shop, I can't help but look for that beautiful, deep blue.

Earlier this month I wore the blue bubble dress to Soho House for dinner with black tights and an open toe heels, sans any other accessory except a long gold necklace that I wrapped around my wrist as a bracelet.

Blue dress with bubble hem

The color itself was a statement enough, and I felt like a mermaid all night.

During the Black Friday *Online* Sale (I would never get up at 3am for a sale -- it's just not something I would do) I purchased this ruffle skirt that I am excited about adding to my wardrobe.

(photo from Express)

It will no doubt be considered for my dinner outfit during my next visit to L.A.

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  1. Great blog! Love the skirt, it's super cute!