Monday, November 1, 2010

Soho House

Staircase leading up to the bar/dining area...

During my last visit to L.A. I had the pleasure of dining at one of the most exclusive eatery in Hollywood.

Did you want a view to go with that drink, sir?

Months old Soho House in West Hollywood is so exclusive, it consists only 500 members, and no phone calls or cameras are allowed except for certain areas.
500 may sound like a lot but considering how many people are in the 'biz' it is not a big number.

It is a true safe haven for Who's Who of entertainment industry as nobody will disrupt their meal with a request for autographs and/or pictures.

Main dining room

These are stock photos courtesy of the Soho House website since as mentioned I can not take photos in the dining room.
I just wanted to share the beautiful experience I had there to my readers.

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