Monday, August 29, 2011

I am now going to be blogging on on a regular base.

The site is popular among aviation enthusiasts and employees, and it gives you various different perspective of air travel.

Please check out my first post here.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fall Haul

For this coming fall season, I have been drawn to blazers and also been obsessing over taupe and blush colors as well.
I have collected few items over the past several months that can be dressed into the colder months.

Now that I reside in Los Angeles, weather will not be that big of a factor, giving me more options within my own closet without having to go out and purchase a whole addition to my wardrobe for the colder months ahead.

I did, though, purchase few key pieces and accessories to spice up what I already have.

Various neutral colored booties and heels

My latest obsession: duster earrings

My vanilla colored blazer to wear with anything

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Baker

Trader Joe's Vanilla Extract

When you have a male roommate that doesn't care too much about cooking and has absolutely nothing in the drawers but a few wooden spoons and a small pot or two, it is almost like having your own kitchen.

I was living in a massive house in Bel Air that had a full kitchen with island counter and every amenity you can think of before I moved to my current place.
Though the convenience level was there since I didn't have to buy much with that place -- the kitchen didn't feel like my own, as I didn't have the pleasure of shopping and collecting anything that was in there.

Once I moved to my new apartment, as soon as I found out what kind of state the kitchen was in -- I was pumped.

I am no gourmet cook, and I am far from doing anything fancy -- but I do enjoy the art of cooking, and I do like to bake.

My new mixing bowl

Today is an appropriate day to do so -- I've decided to make some butterscotch and chocolate chip muffins for a little celebration.

Celebratory muffin cups for the occasion

My colorful set of measuring spoons and cups

I enjoy the process of choosing the utensils and equipments I am going to be using, and I was a kid in the candy store at one of my favorite store, Sur la Table at the Grove.

My new Le Crueset rubber spatula (pink AND sparkly)

Looking good....

Butterscotch + Chocolate chip muffin

Friday, August 19, 2011


I've been at my new place for a week now.

I'm slowly getting settled in.

Per usual, I have flowers in my room.

This week I chose a batch of delphinium from Trader Joe's.

It brightens up my room instantly.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Perfect Home

My new place. It is a 4 unit apartment -- the top left unit facing the building is ours.

I have been dissatisfied with my old place for quite some time.

I am not going to go into details but, lets just say that I never got used to parking on a 60 degree hill, hiking up the said hill with 4 bags of groceries in hand with my laptop bag and my purse slung around my neck, sweaty after a session of Bikram Yoga.
Or having my suitcase nearly pulling me down that quarter mile 60 degree hill (by the way this 'hill' is the driveway) -- in my heels -- trying to get to my car for a trip.

The house was too big for my taste as well.

A huge mansion in Bel Air is for someone who never has to go grocery shopping.
They have drivers that drop them off at the door, maid that cleans their kitchen, and someone fetches their mail -- because the mailbox is located at the bottom of the quarter mile hill.

Not for me.

I love my new place.
The 1930's Old Hollywood style charm, the space, is just perfect.
The quality of the craftsmanship from that era really resonates with me.
I appreciate the thicker walls, the lighting, the space.

The front door to the building - I love that 'peep hole' it reminds me of a classic movie!!!

Flowers by the front door

When you walk in from that gorgeous door, to the left is the mail area. I love that stained glass window.

My room reminds me of my own room back in Chicago.
This feels like a home.

Walking down to the lobby area.

I look forward to cooking and baking in the kitchen, and hanging out with my awesome roommate.

The porch is small, but charming. Imagine having a glass of wine here after a long week!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life Change

For those of you following my blog and/or Twitter will notice I have been a little secretive.

Unfortunately, I can't reveal all the details, as I have signed a nondisclosure agreement with my new company and my agency -- so here's the 'announcement' without telling too much.

I am going to be a corporate flight attendant.

Back in May, I separated from my airline I was with for over 14 years.

Commercial flying has depleted recently to a step above riding a bus - smaller seats, no food, huge hassle just getting to the airport/gate.

I was not happy to be in a situation where the company was extremely unsupportive of their employees.
It was hard to go to work knowing my efforts were not appreciated or was always unnoticed.

I had no tools to work with onboard even when someone was disserviced. It would simply cost the passengers extra money or there was no resolution to speak of.
It was constant disappointment and frustration for all parties involved.

I decided to pursue something I've always thought about doing in the back of my mind.
After endless hours of research about the best approach, I attended the safety course for corporate flight attendants in June.
Once I passed all the tests, I networked as much as I can.

Corporate aviation is unlike commercial in every sense imaginable.
The two are not similar in anyway and my background did not translate to much when it came time to speak about experiences.

Being one of the most discrete field, it was a hard door to open.
Contact information was extremely hard to find, and emails were often unanswered.
You never find a wanted ad online, and unless you have previous experience normally you will not be considered for a position.

I had met many wonderful people during this journey, and just a couple of weeks ago, received a phone call from the director at my agency that my instructor from my safety training recommended me to one of the biggest company in the world.
Due to the respect he has gained in this field, his recommendation was taken very seriously and this company gave me a chance to come in and show them what I have.

Long story short, I have now completed their in house training (which has been about 12 hours each day for the past 5 days) and 6 tests -- and am on my way tomorrow to do my first training flight aboard a gorgeous Gulfstream aircraft.

I am extremely excited for this huge change in my life.

The attached pictures are stock photos of Gulfstream Jets -- NOT pictures of my company's jets.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A week in July

I spent a week with my family in Chicago, and had a great time.

This visit was extra fun as my sister was in town with her kids.
We went to see OVO by Cirque de Soleil, shopping, dinner, etc. but the pictures are from our last day in town.

Shedd Aquarium - my nephew is CRAZY about fish!

Taken in their cafeteria - hard to believe this is a 'lake' don't you think?

I had a conversation with a sea lion :)

Love the do! Rockhopper penguin

He was my favorite - very very big and old snapping turtle. They grow to be about 300 pounds.

What you see from the front steps of the aquarium

I so wanted this guy to take home with me but there just was no way I could fit him in a suitcase. The mannequin beside him is wearing an adult size T shirt. You see how enormous this penguin was?

My brother met us for dinner that night in Lakeview...great restaurant, we were so full....

but we had to get our gelato on!

I am busy right now with my move and also some exciting developments.
Stay tuned!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm moving...

It was cool while it lasted.

I know I did a post few months back regarding this mansion I rented a room out of.

Nothing lasts and nothing goes as planned in life - when there's something better for you.

Yes we all imagine how amazing it would be to live in a house that is 7000 sq ft.

How is it? Kind of cold, to be frank.
There were parts of the house I didn't see for weeks.

It wasn't as bad when I had a roommate that I actually enjoyed eating dinner with time to time, and going to yoga with.
When she moved out it became kind of quiet.

So I started looking around -- and found the cutest place in one of the most famous zip code in the world.

I'll be officially moved in in a couple of weeks.

I really like my new roommate and I really love the place.

The new place has the best of both worlds - close to retail establishments and eateries, but since we're not on a major street it is quiet but safe because the neighborhood is very adamant about that.

Also the kitchen is pretty much going to be mine as my roommate is not too keen on cooking.
I have subscribed to some magazines and am looking forward to being able to test out some recipes.

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures once I settle in!