Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Baker

Trader Joe's Vanilla Extract

When you have a male roommate that doesn't care too much about cooking and has absolutely nothing in the drawers but a few wooden spoons and a small pot or two, it is almost like having your own kitchen.

I was living in a massive house in Bel Air that had a full kitchen with island counter and every amenity you can think of before I moved to my current place.
Though the convenience level was there since I didn't have to buy much with that place -- the kitchen didn't feel like my own, as I didn't have the pleasure of shopping and collecting anything that was in there.

Once I moved to my new apartment, as soon as I found out what kind of state the kitchen was in -- I was pumped.

I am no gourmet cook, and I am far from doing anything fancy -- but I do enjoy the art of cooking, and I do like to bake.

My new mixing bowl

Today is an appropriate day to do so -- I've decided to make some butterscotch and chocolate chip muffins for a little celebration.

Celebratory muffin cups for the occasion

My colorful set of measuring spoons and cups

I enjoy the process of choosing the utensils and equipments I am going to be using, and I was a kid in the candy store at one of my favorite store, Sur la Table at the Grove.

My new Le Crueset rubber spatula (pink AND sparkly)

Looking good....

Butterscotch + Chocolate chip muffin

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