Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm moving...

It was cool while it lasted.

I know I did a post few months back regarding this mansion I rented a room out of.

Nothing lasts and nothing goes as planned in life - when there's something better for you.

Yes we all imagine how amazing it would be to live in a house that is 7000 sq ft.

How is it? Kind of cold, to be frank.
There were parts of the house I didn't see for weeks.

It wasn't as bad when I had a roommate that I actually enjoyed eating dinner with time to time, and going to yoga with.
When she moved out it became kind of quiet.

So I started looking around -- and found the cutest place in one of the most famous zip code in the world.

I'll be officially moved in in a couple of weeks.

I really like my new roommate and I really love the place.

The new place has the best of both worlds - close to retail establishments and eateries, but since we're not on a major street it is quiet but safe because the neighborhood is very adamant about that.

Also the kitchen is pretty much going to be mine as my roommate is not too keen on cooking.
I have subscribed to some magazines and am looking forward to being able to test out some recipes.

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures once I settle in!

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