Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A week in July

I spent a week with my family in Chicago, and had a great time.

This visit was extra fun as my sister was in town with her kids.
We went to see OVO by Cirque de Soleil, shopping, dinner, etc. but the pictures are from our last day in town.

Shedd Aquarium - my nephew is CRAZY about fish!

Taken in their cafeteria - hard to believe this is a 'lake' don't you think?

I had a conversation with a sea lion :)

Love the do! Rockhopper penguin

He was my favorite - very very big and old snapping turtle. They grow to be about 300 pounds.

What you see from the front steps of the aquarium

I so wanted this guy to take home with me but there just was no way I could fit him in a suitcase. The mannequin beside him is wearing an adult size T shirt. You see how enormous this penguin was?

My brother met us for dinner that night in Lakeview...great restaurant, we were so full....

but we had to get our gelato on!

I am busy right now with my move and also some exciting developments.
Stay tuned!

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