Friday, August 12, 2011

Perfect Home

My new place. It is a 4 unit apartment -- the top left unit facing the building is ours.

I have been dissatisfied with my old place for quite some time.

I am not going to go into details but, lets just say that I never got used to parking on a 60 degree hill, hiking up the said hill with 4 bags of groceries in hand with my laptop bag and my purse slung around my neck, sweaty after a session of Bikram Yoga.
Or having my suitcase nearly pulling me down that quarter mile 60 degree hill (by the way this 'hill' is the driveway) -- in my heels -- trying to get to my car for a trip.

The house was too big for my taste as well.

A huge mansion in Bel Air is for someone who never has to go grocery shopping.
They have drivers that drop them off at the door, maid that cleans their kitchen, and someone fetches their mail -- because the mailbox is located at the bottom of the quarter mile hill.

Not for me.

I love my new place.
The 1930's Old Hollywood style charm, the space, is just perfect.
The quality of the craftsmanship from that era really resonates with me.
I appreciate the thicker walls, the lighting, the space.

The front door to the building - I love that 'peep hole' it reminds me of a classic movie!!!

Flowers by the front door

When you walk in from that gorgeous door, to the left is the mail area. I love that stained glass window.

My room reminds me of my own room back in Chicago.
This feels like a home.

Walking down to the lobby area.

I look forward to cooking and baking in the kitchen, and hanging out with my awesome roommate.

The porch is small, but charming. Imagine having a glass of wine here after a long week!

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