Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How old are you?

I am not a poster child when it comes to anti-aging regimen.
I tan, have the oddest work schedule, eat junk food (mostly when I'm on the road) and don't always wear sunscreen.

However, genetics aside, I've managed to stay looking younger than my age, and I have been inquired more than once how I do it. (Latest -- I was asked by a Sephora employee when she was matching my mineral foundation -- if school is out yet. I'm in my 30's.)

I don't have anything I do religiously but here are some things that have popped up in my mind as to 'why' I may look years younger than what my passport may reveal.

1) Honey

Recently, I started using honey as my face wash. Yes, face wash. I mix it with a little bit of baking soda if I want a little bit of exfoliation, and if not, I simply mix it with my face wash. It washes off clean, not sticky, and it has cleared up my face tremendously. I also drink about a tablespoon with my tea everyday.

2) Red Wine

I am a HUGE fan of red wine, and I am thankful for Trader Joe's great selection whenever I shop there.
It is my go-to drink at any occasion.
Also, it is not a secret that it contains anti-oxidant as well as its anti-aging factor.

3) Sleep

My work schedule is not consistent, however, when I am able to, I sleep A LOT.
I am not shy about it at all, and nap during the day if my body feels like it.

4) Laughing

I LOVE comedy.
I am always looking for a good comedian, checking out funny books, and respect people in the comedy genre (writers, performers, etc.) Making people laugh is not an easy task!!
Laughing is so stimulating to the mind and body, the more you laugh, the better for your body.
I always look for the 'funny/positive' side of things, and that may contribute to my 'youth.'

5) Yoga (Bikram)

Though a newbie, I am already seeing and feeling the result of Bikram Yoga.
Sweating is good for the rejuvenation and the repair of the body (the room you practice in is kept at 105 fahrenheit) and the moisture (40%) in the room is always refreshing to sit in for the duration of the class (90 minutes).
The 'goal' of finishing the class is a small yet positive incentive within the daily life, and drinking about 2 liters of water probably has something to do with the health benefit as well.

6) My work

This has more to do with my mental state.
Yes, it can get crazy and frustrating dealing with the public.
However, I see it as a good challenge.
You meet different types of people, and you always come away learning something. Positive or negative, I feel as though if I were to sit in an office on a daily base, I would never see nor would I ever get to experience some of the things I see/do while away on a plane.


  1. Thanks for the tips, girl! Laughter is a big one. And worrying ages you!

  2. Aloha lovely!
    Your blog is quite applaudable!
    Here's cheers to you this festive season!
    Keep up the brilliant posts!
    AND Merry Christmas x x