Sunday, December 23, 2012

Coffee Addict -- Part 2

I love Thai Iced Coffee, and have always wondered how I can make them myself.
Thanks to Google, a two minute research have made me aware that a mere $4.00 investment at a local Thai market would give me gallons of this sweet goodness.

Oliang powder is a blend of soy beans, corn, and coffee bean.
It runs about $3.00 at any Asian market for about a pound, and you also need a strainer, which I bought for 99 cents at the same place. 

You need about 2 TBSP of this Oliang powder per one serving (10 to 12 oz.) so you will be able to make A LOT of ice coffee with just one bag. 

Here is how you make this concoction:

Oliang Powder

Boiling Water

Strainer I bought at Thai market for 99 cents

Straining (do it three times)

Sweeten to your liking -- with sugar and condensed milk


Add creme and enjoy!
Note: once you empty the strainer of the used powder, wash with ONLY water, do not use soap.

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  1. omg I love thai coffee! I'll definitely will give this recipe a try. Thanks!!