Tuesday, April 13, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

In the past few months, I have finally developed a routine for my skin care.

I see my facialist Liz once a month, and she has helped me by suggesting some of the following products.

I use Vaseline to take my eye make up off. I scoop up a small amount with my finger and rub it in. It takes off absolutely EVERYTHING!

Once the Vaseline is rubbed in I wipe everything off with baby wipes.

I use Purpose cleanser for my daily wash. Liz has recommended that I only wash my face once day, at night, and in the morning to simply rinse with warm water.

I use Trader Joe's Enrich facial lotion with spf15 as my day lotion.
It is a dupe of Olay Complete!

Dermadoctor Physical Chemistry --

This is an absolute DREAM. I use this three times a week or so and it has made such a difference on my skin. A bit expensive ($75) but worth it!

Ole Henrikson Nurture me (pic from Sephora.com)
This is my nighttime moisturizer, or when I use my scrub.

What are your favorite skin care products?


  1. vaseline to take your makeup off? wow really? it doesn't make your face feel greasy? that's so cool i've got to try it :)


  2. Thanks for your comment :)
    Yea I use it mainly for my eye makeup, and the rest come off with the baby wipe and the face wash.

  3. Hmm vaseline sounds like a wonder product, a lot of people have all these neat tricks with it! Maybe I should try that :)

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  4. If I use all of these products will it make me as beautiful as you???

  5. vaseline has so many uses! its a staple!

  6. To remove my make-up I use Ponds cold cream. I use Aveda creme hydratante to moisturize. I absolutely love it!! To cleanse I use cetaphil, it's great for sensitive skin.