Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beauty go-to

Every girl has beauty items that are fail proof for her.
Here are some of the items that I can't do without if they suddenly become discontinued (knock on wood)....

CHI flat iron

Though a bit expensive, I refuse to use anything else.
My hair is thick and coarse and can be extremely frizzy after shampoo.
This iron is like magic, where I don't need to keep going over the same area five times in order for it to straighten it and also gives it a nice shine.

Moroccan Oil

I have been in search of a one step product that would protect my hair from the heat and also give it the shine I want after I use my flat iron without the greasy feeling.
This is it.

OPI Strawberry Margarita

Fruit punchy color looks so good on my nails during the warm months, and I found this color that is absolutely perfect.

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Freakshow

I have dark brown eyes and purple makes my eye color pop.
I searched high and low for a perfect purple and this is the color that was EXACTLY what I have been looking for.

MAC brush #252

MAC brush #109

MAC brush #130

When it comes to actually applying the make up, the above three brushes are my staple.
I use the 252 brush to apply the shadow over my entire lid and the 109 for my foundation.

130 is to blend the foundation into the small areas on my face that a big powder brush can't get to, like the side of my nose.
This brush is also excellent for blending my bronzer and blush together so it looks like a natural flush, and not something I painted on.

Obviously I have more brushes but these three are my essentials.

Nars blush in Torrid

I know Nars is known for its blush 'Orgasm' but with my darker skin tone, the blush was a touch too light and wasn't showing up.
When I spoke to someone at Sephora, they suggested Torrid, and now I can actually see what I'm putting on my face!

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in Coconut Craze

I have many many MANY tubes of lip gloss but this is my favorite now.
It is a touch darker in the tube but it has a nice golden sheen that gives my lips a nude yet shimmery color, and it smells divine.

Wet'n Wild shadow in Fine Wink (image courtesy of makeupmasala)

Known as the dupe for the ever famous 'Kitten' by Stila, this under $3 cheaper cousin of the famous color is THE best shadow in my make up collection.
I use this for highlight, and as a base color. I can NOT do my make up with out this one!

Sephora Super Supreme Body Butter

The most moisturizing and the smell is just subtle enough that it doesn't overpower you.

Caudalie Cleansing Water

I am on my fourth bottle of this fabulous product.
I use it as a cleansing water to take make up off or as a toner, because it's just that gentle.

Make Up Forever HD Foundation in #128

I was never a fan of liquid foundation, until I found this.
It is an absolute perfection and the color blends into my skin as if it was custom made for me.

What are your beauty must haves, or the go-to items?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I really think I'm going to have to go out and pick up that Coconut Crazy lipgloss and the Fine Wink eyeshadow! Thanks again!

    I found your blog from Cupcakes and Cashmere!
    Just wanted to let you know that I'm having my first ever giveaway and would love for you to enter!

  2. I love hearing about other girls' beauty routines! Everyone keeps talking about this Moroccan oil, I'm going to have to check it out.


  3. I forgot to comment about the bike riding! Yes, I love that ride too. We used to live in Marina del Rey and we'd ride down to Manhattan beach all the time. Now that we live in Santa Monica we usually ride up to Malibu and back, which is also fun. This time we stopped at Marix on the way back and had a margarita, which was awesome!

  4. I've been looking into getting the chi straigtener! I have thinner, but frizzy hair! Its wavy, but I love to straighten it! Your hair looks amazing though!
    I have slight blemishes, but prefer to have something light on my face! I use bare escentuals! It covers everthing and gives me an even tone! I always wear purple eyeshadow as well!

  5. I appreciate all the comments ladies :)
    @ Cara -- I am going to your blog right now and entering it! Thanks for the invite!

    @ Valerie -- It's so fun to talk about my bike path! lol Yes, do check out the Moroccan Oil. If you like the musky soft smell, you will love it! It works too!

    @ TinaTang -- your blog is amazing! Thank you for checking out my blog :)

  6. My favorites:

    NARS blush and bronzer duo compact. I like to look natural with a hint of color. A fresh look. With a natural look, no one can tell if I messed up my make-up. Not that savvy with make-up.

    Kubuki brush. To apply the bronzer and blush.

    Aveda anti-humectant pomade. A tiny bit of this on fly aways keeps hair in place and protects from humidity blow-out and frizz.

    Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner. A little spritz of this on my hair freshens it up. Smells really good.

  7. Oh, how could I forget cocoa butter! My absolute favorite skincare product in the world!

  8. Girl after my own heart! :) I love my CHI and Moroccan hair oil... don't know what I would do without them! I'm loving your blog!