Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer Uniform

During the smoldering months of summer, I elect to dress in maxi dresses.

There are endless selections of styles, as well as prices and materials, it is hard to get tired of it, not to mention the ease of literally slipping it over your head and walking out the door, looking polished without any added effort.

Prices, as I mentioned, are so wide spread you can find great styles for very affordable prices.
One of my very favorite one is from F21, for under $15.

Few bangles, a pair of hoop earring and some flat sandals and I am set for the next few months!

Below are some of my favorites I found online for this upcoming season.

The bright colors and pattern of these selections are so beautiful and they can be dressed down or up with accessories and sandals.

I prefer my clothes to be soft and flowing, and I am always drawn to materials like modal or rayon for maxi dresses.

Knit Basic Maxi Dress

Tshirt Long Dress

Strapless Long Dress

What Goes Around Comes Around
Paloma Dress

Rachel Pally
Long Shirred Cami Dress


  1. I am currently pregnant and plan to rock the maxi dresses as my maternity wear all summer! Definitely love the idea of some flat sandals and hoop earrings with this look. [heart]

  2. I think those dresses are cute but I'm not a maxi fan for myself. i prefer dresses that show some of my leg. Doesn't have to be a mini skirt but at least have some calf showing.

  3. Oh btw, my younger brother likes women in maxi dresses.

  4. @ J -- congratulations! Yes I think it's like a faux maternity wear and that's why it's so versatile :)

    @ Shari -- I like shorter skirts too but they are great for lazy people like me :p
    LOL about your brother!

  5. that forever 21 dress is so pretty! and afforable, i'm sure :) i love to shop there. i have purchased a couple of maxi dresses from bargain stores like Marshalls that have worked out really well too.

  6. @ Kinsey --yes that one from F21 is, get this, $12.50!!!

  7. i love this post! maxi dresses are my new favourite thing. esp the rachel pally one!

    found you through cupcakes&cashmere! adn i'm following you now



  8. @ Amanda -- THANK YOU! I'm such a newbie and I am so excited every time I get a new comment or a follower!!!

  9. Haha, I wore the same maxi dress from F21 yesterday =)
    I loooovvee it. Mines in peach tho.

  10. Yes, this is totally my summer uniform too! I love just throwing them on and heading out the door. So easy!


  11. I think I'm too short for a maxi, but they look so comfortable!

  12. I've had my eye on the Rachel Pally dress for a while now - maxi dresses are great! So comfortable but so chic. Keep up the great work, and come check out my blog
    I think you'll like it!