Saturday, May 29, 2010


'Zahara' is one of Bebe's best selling shoes.

Since a couple of years back, I have avoided very tall heels (3+inches) for comfort reasons.
I wear heels for work, but they are 3 inches at the most, and on my days off, I try to live in my Havaianas.

Two back injuries from work didn't help either, and there were so many stylish ballet shoes that were in the stores that I really didn't need heels to be completely 'dressed up.'

I was visiting L.A. earlier this month when I was given an opportunity to shop for a pair of heels at Bebe as a gift.

Bebe offers many different styles, but all of their heels are 4 inches and above.

When I slipped on these Zaharas, I thought they were much lower heels then they actually were because of the comfortable fit -- when in reality they are 4.75 inches.

They come in variety of colors and material, but they are beautifully made (in Brazil) and the sky high heels are so much more bearable due to the platform.

I wore my brand new heels to dinner at Craft that night, and they were as comfortable as they were stylish.

I now have four different pairs, and am planning on adding to my collection when new colors come out.


  1. These sound great and they're really cute! I'm the same way about heels for work, but live in havaianas on the weekends. I'm trying to break that habit though and wear more stylish weekend shoes. It's so hard to find comfortable heels though! I might have to go check these out. How did you like Craft? I've never been, but have been wanting to try it.


  2. @ Hey Val! Craft was very fancy :) I liked the service (immaculate), food was very well presented as well as tasty! (Small portions, but perfect for me)

    Enter my giveaway, girl!

  3. love heels!

    D E G A I N E

  4. I love those heels, too! I have friends that work in the store here in Nashville, and they wear them all day and still swear they are comfy! Love Craft, too :)

    I am a new follower! xx

  5. why there´s no Bebe in germany???!!! :o

    greetz from BerliN!

    P.S.: i made a remake of Beyonce´s new videoclip (Inspired look for low budget! :)) please take a look, hope u like it :)

  6. Oooh Skygurl, those shoes are beautiful! I am a sucker for heels but have yet to find ones that don't kill my feet after an hour... Willing to suffer though if they are gorgeous!