Saturday, May 8, 2010

Once a year

picture courtesy of Never Apart in Heart

As my birthday approaches, I can't help but reflect upon the good and the bad of the past year as well as think/analyze about what I can do to improve or do differently for the coming year(s).

I have done pretty well regarding the 'theme' I have set for myself for the New Year ('do not let others waste your time') so I have composed another very small yet meaningful goal to make my already blessed life even more so.

I am going to try the 'shopping cleanse' for a month.

I have always been somewhat of a shopping addict. I know where it stems from and I have done remarkably better in the past couple years regarding this issue, and recently I have been reading more and more about people going on a cold turkey shopping hiatus.
It really makes you think about WHY you feel the need to shop -- and it really teaches you something.

I have read some of these ladies going for an extended amount of time (6 months) doing this, but I know myself and rather then starting out big and failing, I am going to start by doing something a little bit shorter.
I am not sure when I am going to do this, but it will be soon.

This will lead me to think about many things within my life and will no doubt have a positive impact.
I will have more time to spend on doing things a bit more productive then online shopping or browsing the mall on my days off.
I will update as I decide when to start and other 'rules' I will be following during this period.

Do you 'reset' your life when your special day comes along?

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  1. I just had a birthday and this year I was too busy to analyze...and it turned out to be a kind of pleasant surprise after another, I had almost forgotten the reason why everyone was coming and calling, and I just enjoyed the love :)