Friday, May 28, 2010

30+ follower (yeay) Giveaway update!

I am so excited to announce my blog now has over 30 followers!

Thank you to everyone and to show my gratitude, I would like to do a giveaway as I mentioned before.

Here are the products...

Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace Body Scrub and Mist

NYX eyeshadow in Atlantic

Urban Decay mascara, Sephora brand mascara, Red Cherry falsies in #1 and #46

Superhero hand cream by Sephora

L.A. Girl nail polish in Fuchsia, MAC Dazzleglass in Euro Beat, Victoria Secret's Sexy Little Gum (cinnamon flavor)

1) You *must* be a follower of my blog

2) Link me to your blog/add me to your blogroll, or Facebook if you don't have a blog.

3) Comment under this post what your ONE beauty/fashion go to item is for the summer.

4) Leave your email address for me to contact you if/when you win!!

5) Only one entry per person please!!

6)Only US sorry!

I will close the giveaway entries on June 11th midnight, PST.

Winner will be contacted via email, and also announced on this blog on Saturday June 12th.

Everything is brand new, and unused.
I will be shipping via FedEx 2 day so the winner will also get a tracking number.

Thank you for following!


  1. Don't laugh, but my go-to summer beauty item is Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion. I started using it in high school and loved how moisturizing it was and how it was very light and not greasy. About a year ago, I started to feel silly and tried a few different other lotions in an attempt to be more "sophisticated." However, nothing else I've tried even begins to compare. Sooooooo, after my many afternoons at the beach and by the pool this summer, my J&J will be there to keep me moisturized and glowing :-).

  2. @ Elizabeth -- thanks for your entry! Now you gotta post my blog up on your wall :)

  3. Of course I'm a follower, lovely lady!!! And what an absolutely incredible giveaway!

    The one beauty or fashion item that is my go-to for the summer? Pink nail polish. Definitely. On my fingers AND my toes!

    My email address is caraalynn@ gmail dot com

    and I am blogging about your giveaway tonight!

  4. @ Cara, thank you so much :) Please get the word out there! x

  5. super cool giveaway my go to item is mascara I know kinda of every day item but hey couldnt live without it I am now a follower on your blog thanks for following me.

    Good luck to everyone!!

  6. My summer go to would have to be bright lip colors. Right now, I'm rocking the fuchsia!

  7. My summer go to item is Aveda Pomade...Gotta get control of frizzy fly aways in the summer heat and humidity!

  8. Forgot my

  9. I love Adveda's moisturizing face lotion. Sometimes I only wear that and Mac's lip glass. I know this sounds crazy but I asked my friend if I could go tanning with her.I decided later against it. I like the way my skin looks after getting some sun. It evens out my skin tone so I can go without foundation when it's too hot outside.
    email is
    Thanks... Good luck everyone!

  10. my go-to product in the summer is lemon.....seriously helps me remove unnecessary tan from my nose and other outward areas, acts as an anti bacterial and smells good!! also some heat protectant for my hair for tht harsh sunlight!
    loads of luck to everyone!!!

  11. What a cute giveaway! Love the blog! I'm following...

    My summer go-to is pretty peachy lip gloss!

    xoxo, Lexy

  12. What a great giveaway! I'm a follower. :)


  13. I just stumbled upon your blog and glad I did! I also just became your newest follower. I am loving your perspective so keep it up!

    My summer go-to is my hi-lighter makeup pen...for my cheeks nose and innereyes! Its great to add a little light and sparkle to your face for summer. - Melissa

  14. And I forgot to mention that I added a link to your blog onto my new 'blog list'.

  15. I found your blog from a comment you posted on Cupcakes and Cashmere - Emily's blog.
    I love the first post you wrote about the military flight. My husband is in the Army and has been on 3 going on 4 deployments in 7 years in the service. I totally started crying as i was reading it sitting here at my desk at work.
    My go to summer product would be - citrusy smelling lotions. i am loving Bath and Body works' Orange Saphire right now! I am always applying extra lotion in the summer so my skin doesn't get all dried out from being in the sun and the pool.

    i'm going to write post about your blog on mine now. so glad i found ya!

  16. great giveaway! i am a follower.
    my summer go to is sunscreen! boring i know, but i get so sunburned without it!
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

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  18. Just found your blog and your giveaway :)

    My summer beauty “must have” is my “Time Out” concealer. I described this a few years back and I could not live without it. I’ve had raccoon eyes since the age of 3 (slight exaggeration?) and this concealer works wonders!

    I am now your newest follower, stop by my new blog and follow me as well :)

    good luck everyone!

  19. meant to say purchased! Thats what little sleep will do to you :/