Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tie Dye

Ever since I bought this sweat pants by YFB (Young Fabulous and Broke) at Lisa Kline few years back, I have been a quiet fan of the tie dye look. (Sorry about the wrinkle!)
I like how the tie dye is used as an accent and not a statement in this particular piece and I look at it as a spice.

I have purchased few pieces here and there through out the years and it seems as though the trend is back along with the '80s theme, and I am seeing more options in the stores lately.

The Romeo & Juliet Couture tie dye tanks with frills on the bottom are my favorite these days (I own three colors) as it can be dressed up (surprisingly) with a banded pencil skirt and some great heels or (obviously) casual with the usual denim and or some capri pants/shorts and thong sandals.

Here are some of my favorites I have seen lately that I may consider adding to my collection in the near future....

F21 denim

F21 Maxi dress

Gypsy 05 Maxi dress

Gypsy 05 silk tank


  1. I love that silk tank. Those maxi dresses were cute tye dyed (although I'm not a fan of the maxi for

  2. Hello lovely! I agree with you - I am liking the look more and more. I just got a Gypsy 05 dress on a few months ago! Love it :)