Monday, June 6, 2011

U Studio Yoga

U Studio Yoga

In the historic Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles on Wilshire Blvd. sits a building that holds my sanctuary, U Studio Yoga.

Such a beautiful building

When I relocated to L.A. my biggest task was to find a Yoga studio that fit my need.

I for sure needed a studio that was not too advanced.
My Yoga practice consisted more of Bikram -- Vinyasa, I had only done a handful of times.

Therefore I was somewhere between beginner and intermediate, so I wanted a studio where I can see some of the experienced practitioner to guide me as an example, but also some people that are around my level wouldn't make me feel so out of place.

My yoga mat

There are just so many studios in L.A. my research was a bit of a challenge so I went onto to help me.

It also has the best view of Hollywood Hills (Griffith Park Observatory)

Andrea is such a great teacher, I never feel like I am out of place and she remembered my name right away which was awesome.

Students relaxing before the class

The Vinyasa Flow class is 90 minutes, and it feels amazing every single time I walk out of there.

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