Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meow Mingle

Meow Mingle, held monthly at Pussy and Pooch in downtown L.A. and their Long Beach location

Anybody that knows me knows one thing.
I can not live without cats.

My baby's name is Coors, and he is pictured here sprawled on a computer desk, minding his own business. He is 15.

I recently signed up on a website called and it's a great place to find people that has same interest as you.
You can find any groups ranging from Yoga enthusiast to power walkers to knitting, writing, gardening, basically anything.

I, of course went in looking for cat lovers, and I attended my first event tonight, held at Pussy and Pooch in downtown Los Angeles.

Happy cat owner with her bangle cat

Gift bags

Treats for the human!

Some sat in the cages til they felt safe enough to come out...

Curious kitty on a harness and leash

Some are a little bit shy...

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  1. Almost made me like cats. But no cigar. It did increase my desire for a dog. I want an English Bulldog or some other short legged stocky dog.