Saturday, June 25, 2011

Five things

Last few weeks have been a bit trying for me as I have been doing things that are
out of my comfort zone.
Change - whether it's positive or negative - is always stressful to some degree.

These five things in my life have kept me sane these past few weeks and have always put a smile on my face; when I had the pleasure of being in contact with them.

1. Flowers

I like buying flowers for myself. My grandmother was a flower arrangement teacher in Japan, and is very knowledgeable about flowers. Over the years I tried to learn, but I have stayed truly ignorant.
I just adore all of them, plain and simple.

Being a regular Trader Joe's customer, it's very easy for me to buy flowers, and I have kept some kind of flower in my room at all times.

I added the lighter pink colored ones to my other one in my previous post.

2. My neighbor's dogs

My love for cats is basically borderline insane, but I love all animals.

These two always looks through the potted flowers whenever I drive up to my house, sometimes taking turns.
They make me smile.

3) Panini and Iced Espresso from Dialog Cafe

This is my newest discovery.
I have been working on my laptop a lot and to avoid sitting in my room all day, I have been venturing out to different coffee places that has free WiFi.
Naturally I have been hitting up the chain stores, but one day, I came across this gem.
Family owned and operated, home made Italian food - mostly under $8.
The best Iced Espresso I have ever had -- and great location.
I have been there for lunch two days in a row this week.

4) My new Tory Burch flats

What more can I say?

5) Natural Peanut Butter and 12 Grain Crackers from Trader Joe's

I've been snacking a lot and this is hands down the best thing I have that doesn't make me cringe when I think about just how much I have consumed -- or am I fooling myself?

What makes you feel good when you're a bit overwhelmed?

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