Monday, September 12, 2011

Beauty and Baking Haul

Brown Paper bags with handles for my baked goods!

Since I have been on a baking kick lately I did a little shopping at Michael's Arts and Crafts for some packaging items.

Little Take-out containers! Perfect for anything!

Whenever I am in that store, I think about who I would be gifting the baked goods for, and see what color, or theme would be appropriate.

The clearance section has some great items as well, and I found a colorful polka dot cupcake liner for a penny, and beautiful ribbons for a dollar each.

$2.01 total

I also have some new additions to my make up collection, and recently, I have been gravitating toward Japanese and Korean items.

There are many stores in Los Angeles that I can purchase these items, so I don't necessarily have to go online, but when I do, my go-to site is Pretty and Cute.

I bought the most adorable handheld mirror and a BB Cream, (both by Lioele) from them and I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was!

I purchased an eyeshadow palette that is produced by Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwaka (I have few other items by her brand, Dolly Wink).

It is in Sweet Dolly Brown (01) and it has the most useful, beautiful colors, it will be a staple in my make up bag.

Also, I am always looking for mascara that doesn't leave a black 'rim' on the bottom of my eyes after a few hours of wear, and this one (over YSL or Dior) is the winner.
It's a Japanese brand, GAFIXX Mascara (you can purchase here).

GAFIXX Mascara

What have you purchased lately that just makes you smile?

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