Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago

Ten years ago today, my industry changed in a way nobody expected it to.

I will never forget the thoughts that went through my head when I realized what was going on with my coworkers -- especially those first moments when I finally saw the visual of those buildings on fire.

I was flying out of Los Angeles to Denver that day, and the confusion and the panic we saw and felt while we waited for answers that never came - I would never wish that upon anyone.

In the aviation industry, even if you don't work for the same airline we are all family.
When you hear about something that's gone wrong, it hits so, so close to home.
Knowing that someone I actually may know were on those planes, just crushed me.

As long as I live I hope we never have to go through what we experiences that day.

My thoughts are with everyone who was affected by that horrible day.

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