Sunday, August 8, 2010

New York, New York

I am not a city girl, as I grew up in a peaceful suburb of Chicago and lived in Los Angeles, where the whole county is basically a gigantic suburb.

During the time I lived in downtown Chicago, I was always intimidated by the crowded streets and the close quarters people lived in, and parking was practically a life or death situation. I learned to parallel park out of survival mode and found out you need a whole different level of driving skills just to get from point A to point B. It was serious stuff.

Naturally, my interest for a city like New York, is minimal.

Yesterday, though, I had a wonderful (personal) visit to that very city.
For a very good reason, I would travel to a city I'm not a big fan of.

In the cab (NOTE: I am in my uniform, I don't wear pins like that on my shirt when in street clothes)

Yes the cab ride was scary and the streets were way too busy for my liking, but it really is true who you are with makes up for whatever that is lacking in any other department.

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We had a nice dinner at a cute bistro on Greenwich Street (508) and enjoyed a bottle of wine in the hotel room til the wee hours.

Almost empty bottle of red wine


  1. NYC is the most amazing city in the world. Period.

  2. I have never been to NewYork but by just reading this article it makes me think that NewYork is a great place to be, and it also seems pretty exciting! This has really made me want to visit NewYorkCity one day very soon...!

    MiracleBabyBlog (:

  3. I live in New York, and I have many good reasons to be happy about it. One of those is the constant presence of taxi cabs. The best way to get around the Big Apple is through taxi cabs, especially when you are tired and luggage and shopping bags are weighing you down. They are also available for 24 hours. Taxis can be a life saver if you spent the night bar-hopping, or if you simply forgot to wear sensible shoes. =)

    Sabra Divis