Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jump rope

Since my Pilates trainer Alison is on vacation this month, I decided to get back to my routine of jump roping few times a week for my workout.

The positive influence of simple act of jumping rope is amazing to say the least.

Ladies, it's even proven to work well against cellulite, and it works your abs EVERY time you jump, not to mention weight loss from the cardio.

However, it is much more strenuous work then it appears, and my only warning would be for you to not over do it.

I have always been a pretty good jump roper, and I am now doing 250jumps x 6 sets every other day.
I alternate legs and speed, skip, go backward, anything and everything will do -- it will work different muscles, and will not go to waste.

The best part about the workout is that it can be done in such a short time, maybe 20 minutes tops, and can be done right on the back porch.

I do recommend that you jump on something 'soft' like a wooden porch, instead of concrete or a sidewalk as it can be hard on your knees.

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  1. i do that lately! i'd love to lose like 10 pounds this month! ;) hope it works ^_^