Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Away From Home

During my career as a flight attendant, I have found that many people are amused and fascinated by the idea of a job that takes you away from your safe haven, and be on the road more than half of the month.

I appreciate peace and quiet -- as I'm more of a homebody now -- over the years I have established a 'ritual' that makes for a more cozy (or at least as cozy as it can be) atmosphere when in a hotel.

All in all, I do enjoy the 'change of scenery' aspect of my job, and since I am a creature of habit, though the room or the city maybe different, I have created the following trend for myself to make these stays a bit more comfortable.

My many bath salts I have collected...

Traveling candles always makes for a better smelling room...

My own mini pillow...

Occasionally when I am lazy and tired, I get room service.
I'm a BLT connoisseur.


  1. I have one that says, " Leave Me Alone." I love it!

  2. My boyfriend and I have been on a huge BLT kick! Great minds ;)

  3. it never occurred to me to take my favorite candles while traveling. i love that idea!

  4. I'm late with this one but....I absolutely love favorite sandwich in the whole world!!! When I was flying, I brought my ritual things. The travel candles were a must. I would also bring a short silk robe I snagged in Hong Kong. It was light and packed easily. Great to lounge lazily around in hotel rooms. A lightly scented linen spray was a favorite too. Ipod with speakers (or cd player with speakers before Ipod popularity).