Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's in my purse??

Though this subject has been covered time and time again in many blogs and YouTube videos, it's always a subject that people are interested in :) We are all curious to see what other girls are carrying in their purse!

My purse that I have been carrying for about two years+ is by Tracy Reese.
The color is so neutral, I can carry it with anything, yet has the inside lining that is to die for!

My wallet is Louis Vuitton (Vernis series), it was a gift. I love the dark plummy chocolate color, and how versatile it is.

My favorite gum is Trident Splash, I buy them at Target in a 3 pack.

Carrying a little something to eat is always smart, regardless of where you are going. Here, I have some chocolate, but I usually like to carry some almonds, or a Clif Bar or something.

I carry a small container of Vaseline with me where ever I go as it can be doubled as hand lotion, lip balm, etc.

I do carry a separate lotion as well, this one is from PINK by Victoria's Secret (Fresh & Clean).

My mirror is from the new Hello Kitty series from Sephora. When you open up one side is magnified, which makes checking my eye makeup easier.

I carry either a MAC blotting powder or this beauty powder from MAC Hello Kitty series to 'powder my nose' when I feel a little oily.

My favorite lip gloss of the moment is by Nars, in Luster.

I don't always carry this with me, unless I am wearing my falsies, but the little pink tube is my falsie eyelash glue from DollyWink.

I always carry a memo pad and a pen as well.

Of course, my phone -- I can't handle iPhone, so I am a Blackberry user.


  1. love 'what's in my bag' posts!!!! i have the same LV vernis wallet but in navy blue :) i love it to death because it's super durable.

  2. I always carry a pen and notepad in my purse as well. It really comes in handy!

  3. Oh your wallet is fabulous! <3
    And I love the other things as well, it sure is a girl's bag! :D

  4. Too cute! Especially the Hello Kitty compact...I will RUN not walk to Sephora to pick one up! PS I love those little flip-top containers of vaseline, they are a life saver!

  5. Dig the color of that wallet. That would make a beautiful nail polish color. I too carry snick snacks in my purse. I've been known to pull out a smoothie in a thermos or a sandwich. I love big bags for that very reason. I love cool accessories. That reminds me, I need a new compact mirror.