Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Beginning (Part 1)


My move out West was as smooth as it can be.

Somewhere between Missouri and Oklahoma....

Racing the train...

Just keep going West..

"Are we there yet?"

The drive was obviously long, but it took a whole DAY less than what we were anticipating, all of my boxes were delivered without any damage, and my bed purchase was one of the most pleasant experiences (thank you Ortho Mattress on Rosecrans!)
The weather was sunny and dry all the way -- and we did not encounter any accidents or road constructions along the way either.

Just beautiful

Who knew you would see THIS in middle of Arizona?

Family support was huge as I could have not done it without my parents that helped me drive my car and always had my well being in their mind.

Pacific Zone!!!!

Once my father put together my furniture and my bed was delivered, my room turned out exactly how I imagined it to be.

One of my 3 windows in my room

I brought several of my Barbie pictures I created from home for decoration, and am planning to make a visit to some local flea market to get some interesting looking vase for my flowers I'd love to put in my room, as well as anything else that may catch my eyes.

Side table with my orchid I bought for myself

My life in L.A. has started on a great note -- more pictures to come so you can get a glimpse of it very soon!


  1. I love all of your pictures. Thank you for sharing your journey....

  2. glad you are getting settled in nicely...little at a time for sure...