Tuesday, July 27, 2010


***UPDATE I have added a few more pictures, enjoy!***

Would you think this is a library?

I may be many things, but one word people will not use to describe me would be a nerd.
I am not a bookworm by any means, though I love hanging out in bookstores, and I do enjoy writing, however I would probably never describe myself as 'well read.'
Last place I would get excited about would be something that had to do with books.

Last night, en route to my layover hotel in downtown Seattle, we passed by an amazing looking building that I believed was either a grocery store or some kind of a retail establishment.

Why I thought this was a grocery store....

Turns out, the building is Seattle's Public Library.

Within the amazing work by Rem Koolhaas is a library that would blow anyone's mind away.
Contemporary style and an impressive selection of literature are not their only draw, the ten story building with a 'spiraling' floor that is classified by the dewey decimal system is also their main attraction.

Book Spiral

Dewey decimal system on the floor...

Beautiful artwork on the lobby floor leading to the children's section

Children's section

I wandered through this enormous building in awe, wishing all libraries looked like this.

The level that has the coffee/gift shop, magazines, etc.


  1. oh la la! that's a pretty sweet library!


  2. Wow, it looks so modern and clean! I love the big Checkout lettering and row numbering on the floor!