Monday, March 19, 2012

Latest buys

I have been some what reserved in regards to shopping lately, but here are some of my purchases in the past few months that makes me smile.

Turquoise bracelet set
This came in a set of 3 but I usually wear it with other bracelets to mix it up

Essie polish in "Play Date"
My favorite color is any shade of purple -- especially lavender

Juicy Couture Rain boots in Olive
Believe it or not, these were $29. at Marshall's.
Yes, you read that correct, and it retails around $100.
It's olive, so it's THE perfect neutral, since I already have a black riding boots, and who really needs another pair of black boots?

Bebe striped drape front cocoon cardigan
I am a sucker for stripes, and this was just perfect in every way - drape in the front, button-less, and how the stripes vary in size and pattern.
Great for traveling as well!

I am trying to just have things that matter to me and not just have tons and tons of "stuff" in my closet.

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