Sunday, October 2, 2011

Runyon Canyon hike

View from not quite the top....

As the temperature drops, I am actually encouraged to step outside and enjoy the nice breeze and the sunshine.

I am not a fan of heat (though I do practice Bikram Yoga, but that's in a controlled environment) so when it's above 80 degrees, it is way hot for me to wonder about.

"Must be fit" (further away you can see the Hollywood sign)

This morning was a nice warm yet not uncomfortable temperature here in Los Angeles, and my friend and I took a walk up the ever famous and popular Runyon Canyon to watch some dogs (there are so many dogs up there, and it's an unleash zone, making it more fun for them!) and hike around.

What a fun bench to sit on! Best view!

We broke a good amount of sweat and was hungry by the time we were done, so on the way back, we brunched at my new favorite eatery/cafe, Fratelli Cafe.

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