Sunday, September 19, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Romantic dinner with the best view of Vegas I have ever seen at Mix

One of my perks as a flight attendant is that I can travel for pleasure on a short notice.

I was in Las Vegas this weekend and had a really nice time.

Desk lamp and the view from the suite

Name of the hotel on the shampoo bottle (THE hotel)

We spent the night after our dinner with friends, catching a comedy show, visiting the said comedian backstage, going to our friend's bar/club, not to mention having drinks all night as Sin City would expect you to.

The beautiful bed pictured was a welcoming sight at 4 in the morning after a busy night.


  1. Oh wow... sounds like an amazing time to me! :D

  2. Thanks for letting us live the good life vicariously through you:) Excellent!!

  3. Where is The Hotel located in Vegas? Is it on the strip or a side street?

  4. Click on the link, Shari, it takes you the website.It's connected to Mandalay Bay, it's their upscale suites.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I've heard a lot about this particular hotel. Now I want to go !!!!!!

  6. what a fun and glamourous sounding mini vacation! i'm totally jealous! good for you!

  7. What hotel did you stay at? This place looks amazing!



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