Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pink Nation

When I am working a flight, I never get through one day without chipping a freshly polished nail.

I used to just give in and get my once a week manicure as keeping nice looking hands is one of the things that is expected at my work, but it was a bit expensive to keep up.
I have never had acrylics and I used to calculate the days between the flights in order to 'get the most' out of my manicure + pedicure.
Being on my feet for hours at a time also causes a problem when it comes to keeping my toes looking good.

Recently, though, thanks to Ulta's buy two get one free (or at times I have seen buy 2, get 2 free) sale I see at least once a month (plus coupons that comes in the mail) I have accumulated quite a collection of OPI and Essie polishes.

Essie polishes (L to R)
Sugar Daddy
Peach Daiquiri
Chubby Cheeks
Tart Deco
Splash of Grenadine

As you can see, though, they are mostly the pink~purple family, and yes, I am gulity of buying the similar shades.

OPI polishes

I now enjoy giving myself a simple manicure at home and salon visits has become more of a stress relief/indulgence for me when I get around to it, versus something I had to 'keep up' with.

BTW a nice tip for those who paint their own nails.
Keep the polishes in the freezer until you are ready to paint them.
They will never freeze, and when you paint, the temperature change from cold to warm makes the polish dry faster.
Try it!

Polishes in the freezer


  1. oh that is such a great tip! i always tend to buy the same colors too -- ooppsss. lol

  2. Thanks for the post. OPI and Essie have the best colors!!!! I've done the same... buying the same colors that is .. LOL

  3. I recently bought the Sally Hansen french tip pen! Because it is so hard to paint your own nails with the french tip look. The pen makes it much easier!

  4. love O.P.I nailpolish! gorgeous colours, love this post.

  5. OPI is my favorite brand! I love the colors that are exclusive to Sephora, but they never go on sale though which is annoying.

  6. Cute blog by the way. You've got yourself a new follower :)

  7. Essie is my absolute favorite nail polish. They have the most amazing colors

    xo Lynzy

  8. your polish colors are so pretty! can you name the essie ones?

    I'm gonna try your freezer tip this weekend. I hate how long my nails take to dry!

  9. @ jilliandanica I just edited my post to show the names :)

  10. I really love Essies fun colors
    Visit my blog to enter my contest I am doing currently.

  11. they never freeze!?

    oooh sounds like a great tip, i'll surely try it!

  12. I love OPI! I had no idea tha Ulta did buy 2 get 2 free.

  13. Sugar daddy is one of my favorite pale pinks! I actually wore that one on my wedding day. Great post!


  14. Im going to so try this putting it in the freezer.

  15. Ooh I love your nail polish collection. Good idea about the freezer. i had never heard of that!

    xo, sbg

  16. You and I have the same taste in nail colors and thanks for the great tip for putting polish in the freezer. I have been trying to build up my collection recently through Ulta's great deals too!


  17. L-o-v-e OPI. Interesting tip about putting the nail polish in the freezer! =)